Alpha Win

Who are we?

Alpha Win, formerly known as HITS Endurance, was created in 2011 to give athletes the chance to race at some of their favorite destinations and experience a level of personalized customer service that Alpha felt was lacking in some areas of the race industry. Alpha offers multiple race distances that appeal to a full range of skill and fitness levels, from the first-time racer to the professional triathlete. From a one mile run to an Alpha 140.6, anyone can feel like an AlphaFemale or AlphaMale.

Alpha’s predecessor, HITS Endurance, grew as a division of the special events company HITS (Horse Shows In The Sun), founded in 1982, which focuses on producing equestrian show jumping events nationwide. HITS is the world’s leader in hunter/jumper horse show competition, both in the number of events offered (over 40 horse shows each year) and in size, with more than 20,000 horses and riders competing annually. The key to HITS success in the equestrian world was the idea of catering to the pyramid bottom-up, offering a level of competition for every rider. In 2011, HITS started the HITS Triathlon Series with the mantra “A distance for everyone,”™ and attracted over 10,000 participants in its first year.

The HITS Triathlon Series offered five different race distances – Full, Half, Olympic, Sprint and Open. More than just offering a complete array of race opportunities, HITS was dedicated to providing the professional quality of a national event producer while delivering the personalized service of small local race organizer. Alpha Win promises to continue and expand this same dedication.

The first event in the HITS Triathlon Series was dubbed Palm Springs, but actually took place in La Quinta, California, in December 2011. Known for its moderate temperatures during winter months and the rugged beauty of the Coachella Valley desert region, HITS Triathlon Series – Palm Springs has proven to be a perennial favorite of triathletes across the country.  HITS developed additional races in Naples and Ocala, Florida, Napa Valley, California, and Hudson Valley, New York, each offering its own unique flavor and backdrop.

Who is behind Alpha Win?

Tommy Struzzieri

Tommy Struzzieri is the son of Tom Struzzieri. Recently taking over the company from his father in 2020, Tommy has made multiple acquisitions, brought back some old favorites, and is in the process of introducing many new races. Tommy believes the endurance industry is primed for a company like Alpha that will help people get back to racing during these challenging times of the COVID pandemic. Tommy hopes that his efforts will help be a driving force to get the endurance world back on its feet.

Tommy’s interest in endurance sports started at an early age, going to watch his father race and join in on some early morning track workouts. He fell in love with endurance sports and was named an All-American age group triathlete at 12 years old. Through high school, he began to focus on running and despite multiple large-scale injuries, ran Division 1 track and Cross Country at Syracuse University.

Tommy continues to train as he works to grow Alpha Win and drives himself to be successful both personally and professionally. Along with Alpha, Tommy also owns a unique portable housing company called GenZHomes Inc.

Tom Struzzieri

Tom Struzzieri is the founder of HITS, Inc., the largest equine show jumping production company in the world, and has been running world-class events since 1977.

Tom’s foray into triathlon was inspired by his own personal experience with the sport after receiving training sessions for his 50th birthday. Wanting to set a positive and powerful example to his three children that fitness and good health are essential ingredients for living life to its fullest, Tom embraced the challenges and rewards of his training. As many others before him, he became instantly hooked on the sense of fulfillment, well-being and personal accomplishment that came from his triathlon training. Overcoming personal obstacles with the challenges of the swim, bike and run only made it more of a passion and eventually a business interest. Tom recently completed his seventh full-distance race and his wife Jane is also a triathlete, having competed in several sprint and half distance races.

Where will we go next?

Alpha Win is confident you will enjoy every aspect of your race experience, from the course to the location, to the staff and the smile that will greet you at the finish line. With over 40 years of experience producing major athletic participation events, the knowledge backing the Alpha team ensures high-quality endurance events with a focus on its participants.  Let Alpha Win be your next race.