Alpha Ride for MS

San Diego, CA (September 13, 2022)      Team Alpha kicks off the Ride for MS today! Join Tom, Jane, and Mike as they bike across America to raise money for the National MS Society. Visit the website at to donate now and stay up to date on the ride with their blog at, updated daily with news and journal entries! 

Join us in biking for a better world free of MS, and check out their first journal entry below:

Day 1 – September 13th, 2022

So the trip across country starts today. Hard to sleep very much as the anticipation of this journey has all of us on edge a bit. Weather for day 1 looks perfect with a westerly breeze and mid 70’s temps. We will be longing for that in a few days when we get to the desert. Quite a bit of climbing today and despite our adrenaline we will start off slow and steady. This will not be one of our biggest mileage days as we will try to average 100 miles a day for the next month. The climb to the desert will shorten the length. Not to worry- plenty of time to make that up. Better to live to fight another day! Struggled with our bike computers last night as of course they were working perfectly before now. All set though as we try not to go off course. The hardest miles are the extra ones. Had a super dinner at a walk up place that served smoothies and acai fruit bowls. Jane getting some ideas.

Remember your first bike? ( mine had a red banana seat and I had to mount from a step on our porch) The freedom you experienced? We are having a similar moment.

Loads of support from family and friends. Seems we are taking a village with us on this journey. How fortunate are we to have this opportunity. How hard can it be? You can do anything for a month. Thanks for all the good wishes. Climb on and enjoy the ride. I’ll try to write a morning and evening recap. I promise it will get more interesting. Tell your mates to donate to MS and join the trip.